Saturday, December 02, 2006

Lay Back

After a recent trip to Hawaii, I finally realized that I need to relax more often. It amazes me that you can go from California to laid back in 5 hours. The issue is being able to put aside your daily routine for the laid back beach going life. Even the locals have figured out that they can still have a job and relax at the same time. I'm still searching for that one.

Until later,


Monday, October 16, 2006

The Economy

All right I'm not an economist, but I think I can figure this one out. You can't seem to find anything about it on network news.

What is it? The Economy, and from what I can see it's doing good.

A new article out by the Washington Times shows:
  1. American factory shipments are up 5.8%
  2. Non-Defence shipments are up 8.6%
  3. Even with the sagging housing market, home sales were up 4.3% in August
  4. Non-Residential construction is up 23.8% compared to August 2005
  5. The budget defecit, no matter how you look at it is too high, however closed at only $250 billion less than the $424 billion that was predicted.
  6. Gasoline prices are near $2 per gallon
  7. Unemployment is down to 4.6%
  8. US Automakers reported nearly 13 million cars and trucks produced in the month of September.
  9. Jobless benefits claims are declining.
  10. The economy in whole has grown 4% for the year.
It all sounds great, but I don't hear about this on the news. It goes to show you that if its not bad news you can't find it at 11 oclock. If you haven't noticed it then pay attention to the first 30 minutes of your local news. You will find nothing but doom and gloom for America.

I look at it another way. America is the best country to ever. We have the best economy. You choose what to see, what to believe, and what to listen too. If all you think about is the bad side of things, then the news is for you. If you like to see the good in people, in our country, or in life, then turn off the evening news.